Sledez Drive On Drive Off Snowmobile Dolly
The Sledez Snowmobile Dolly was designed to be a simple way to move your snowmobile without having to pick it up. The snowmobile does all the work in loading and unloading, all you have to do is roll it to where you want to store it and with its four three-inch swiveling casters it’s easy to get it into the tightest places. The other key feature of the Sledez is it’s one piece design that doesn’t take up any more room than your snowmobile when it’s loaded on the dolly and once the snowmobile is loaded simply lock your brake and it’s never going to fall off the dolly like other conventional dollies when hitting cracks, holes, garage door approaches, and uneven pavement. So not only does the Sledez save you time, it also saves your back from strains and saves your garage floors, and driveways from them grueling carbides...